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The exhibition comprises three components. First, under the theme of "MARE&CONNECT," significant works by scenic and costume designers at the forefront of Japan's contemporary theatre will be gathered and displayed through live interviews, connecting live feeds from Prague and various locations across Japan, including Tokyo.

The second part is an exhibit of "Models for the Visually Impaired," an initiative by the Japan Association of Theatre Designers and Technicians (JATDT) to promote social inclusion through theatre. They will foster novel images that bring people closer and together.

Finally, JATDT's archive materials will be on display. Visitors can discover valuable archival footage featuring prominent scenic and costume designers who have been active in recent years.

Curator SUGIYAMA Itaru

An exhibit of "Stage models" and "Tactile Models "



It's a supportive tool, a scenic model for visually impaired audience members. It gives them a hands-on way to explore and understand the stage set design. It also makes your theatre performances more accessible and enjoyable to people with visual impairments.

The model features tactile details that can be felt by the fingers, giving a sense of the stage space and the set's relative location, size, and shape. The tactile model is easy to use and can be placed in a designated area in the lobby or other accessible location before the performance. It is valuable for making theatre more inclusive and welcoming to people with visual impairments.

The Japan Association of Theatre Designers and Technicians has provided these models to many theatres in Japan. We proudly present the models in our booth and are happy to share information on inclusive activities in your region.

Supervisor OSAWA Sachiko



Programme for "online live interviews"

8th JUN

11:00 - 

TAKEUCHI Ryosuke   scenic design

“MIDNIGHT MOTEL'22 Rouge Velours"


Born in 1987, from Mie Prefecture. While studying at the Faculty of Letters at Kyoto University, he went on to the Middlesex University in London, where he took classes in the performing arts department and worked as an assistant to local set designers afterward.
Since 2012, he has been creating works and planning events based on hisartworks, such as "Tokoyonomori," with Kyoto as a base.
He is a recipient of The 45th ITO Kisaku Awards for the Young Designer.

13:00 - 

TSUCHIYA Shigeaki   scenic design

“Yuta and his Amazing Friends" Special ver. in Tohoku”


He joined the Shiki Theatre Company in 1972 and studied under KANAMORI Kaoruand John Berry. His notable credits included the Scenic Design Supervisor for theJapanese version of the musical “CATS in 1983 and the Art Supervisor for the openingand closing ceremonies of the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.
After becoming a freelancing designer in 2000, he has been designing scenery for straight plays, musicals, and operas.

14:00 - 

ISHIKAWA Yoko   Make-up artist &Wig stylist

“Yashagaike (Demon Pond)", "Asters"


She has graduated from both CINEMA MAKE-UP SCHOOL and STUDIO MAKE-UPACADEMY in L.A.
She has mainly become in charge of Japanese performances of ballet and opera in Italy, Germany, France, and other foreign opera houses, as well as classical and musical performances in Japan. She studied SFX make-up at San Francisco Opera House and Los Angeles Film Studio with a fellowship from Agency for Cultural Affairs between 1999 and 2000.
She is also working on research about Japanese hairstyling and make-up.

9th JUN

11:00 - 

KATO Tomiko   scenic design

“NOSE Ningyo Joruri (Japanese puppet show) ROKKAKUZA"


She has BA from Department of Performing Arts at the Osaka University of Arts,.
As a freelance stage designer, she has worked mainly with theater companies in the Kansairegion, including Minamikawachi Banzai Ichi₋Za, Hyogo Prefectural Piccolo Theatre Company,and Ningyo Joruri(puppet theater) ROKKAKU-ZA. Having experienced an overseas performancewith a theatre company in 1987, she has visited and resided in more than 20 countries in long-term travel since then.
She has trained young designers for many years, as the chief instructor at the Piccolo Performing Arts School.

14:00 - 

FUTAMURA Shusaku   scenic design

“Mrs. Osei Takes Action (Osei Dankou) "


He is one of the leading scenic designers for straight play, musical and opera in Japan.
He has designed over 270 theatrical productions, international and regional.
A few of his awards winning designs include: Yomiuri Theatre Award for the Best Staff twice, and the Kinokuniya Theatre Award, ITO Kisaku Award Grand Prize. He trained at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.
After his return to Japan in 2002, Futamura continued his career as a scenic designer.

15:00 - 

NAKANE Satoko   scenic design



Native of Tokyo, Japan, she studied stage design under ISHII Tsuyoshi of the Bungakuza Theatrical Company(Literature theatre company) while still a university student.
In 2000, she studied at Motley Theatre Design Course in England for a year.
She is a winner of the 36th ITO Kisaku Award Grand Prize.
Her recent productions:
Nerke Planning's "My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage”, "DOG FIGHT" at Theater Creation,"Iroaseru" at New National Theatre, Tokyo, M&O plays "DOORS", Come Come Minikina "Sanagi", "Haraguro Bentencho" at Parco Theatre.

17:00 - 

OTA Masatomo   costume design



1988 World Expo 88 ”Natura Mort” Brisbane Australia
2008 “ Lady Sarashina” Opéra National de Lyon France
2008 “L’Illusion comique” New National Theatre Tokyo
2011 “Tenshu monogatari“ New National Theatre Tokyo
2013 “Die Zauberflöte” Landestheater Linz Austria
2015 “Advent” Kamigamo Shrine World Cultural Heritage Kyoto Japan
2022 “The Boy And The Beast“ Shiki Theatrical Company Tokyo

10th JUN

11:00 - 

YAMAMOTO Shiori   scenic design

“Just Wait a Tide: A Play with Music"


Graduated from the School of Performing Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London, in2019. Her work focuses on eco scenography, community art, and socially engaged art. Shecreates works that examine the relationship between the individual and society, movingback and forth between theater and contemporary art.
Major works include "Eloquent Silence Whispers in Between" (2020), an art project that creates a dialogue between place and people in an empty warehouse, ”Common Ground”(2019), a theatrical piece about the non-violent anti-nuclear movement by women using found objects.

12:00 - 

KANAI Yuichiro   scenic design

“Fist of THE NORTH STAR: The Musical"


He studied stage design and technical direction under Joseph Clarke at the MetropolitanOpera House in New York from 1986 to 1988. Since returning to Japan, he has worked onnumerous stage designs.
In 2006, the Yomiuri Theatre Award for Best Staff for "Twelfth Night of NINAGAWA”. In 2008,The ITO Kisaku Award Grand Prize for "Possessed God” directed by G2. In 2022 TheCommissioner for Cultural Affairs Award for his theatrical contribution and achievement.
His other credits include production manager for “Billy Elliot” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” in Japan.

14:00 - 

ITO Masako   scenic design

"Reaction Process"


She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University and assisted scenic designer MATSUI Rumi. Shestudied in the Netherlands for one year under a fellowship from the Agency for CulturalAffairs in 2003. She won the ITO Kisaku Award Grand Prize, the Yomiuri Best Staff Award,the Kinokuniya Theatre Award, etc.
Her selected design:
“Referee/Disappeared “ directed by MATSUMOTO Osamu, “Edward Bond’s Lear “ directed by SHIRAI Akira, “Sanada Juyushi” directed by MIYATA Keiko, “Julius Caesar” directed by MORI Shintaro.

15:00 - 

TOKI Kenichi   scenic design

“Fukushima Trilogy"


TOKI Kenichi is an active scenic designer in Tokyo, designing more than 250 shows since2003. He received his MFA in scenic design from the University of Connecticut. He hasdesigned sets for the Ensemble Studio Theatre, Berkshire Theatre Festival, and ConnecticutRepertory Theatre in the U.S. and returned to Japan.
Since then, he has collaborated with his long-friend theatre group, IKIUME, in numerous productions for which the group and he won many notable theatrical awards.

11th JUN

11:00 - 

NORIMINE Masahiro  scenic design



Graduate of Tama Art University. A member of Bungaku-za (Literature theatre company),
one of the oldest theatre companies in Japan. In 2007, he received a fellowship from theAgency for Cultural Affairs and spent a year in London, UK.
Since returning to Japan, he has designed sets, props, costumes, and puppets for numerousproductions. He has participated in international projects with directors from Norway, Italy,Australia, Korea, China, and the UK. He actively promotes theatre through lectures atuniversities and high schools, workshops, and productions for children.

13:00 - 

KANO Toyomi   costume design/ clothing culture researcher



She is the Representative of Atelier DIG, Inc. and a professor at the Department of Theatre and Dance Design, Tama Art University.
After graduating from the Department of Performing Arts at Tama Art Academy in 1981,
she began her career in the theater world. She studied abroad in Beijing from 1984 to 1986
in the Department of Stage Design at the Central Academy of Drama.
Her awards include the Association Prize at the Japan Stage, Television Artists' Association Exhibition Awarded, ITO Kisaku Award for the Young Designer and the Outstanding Staff
in the Yomiuri Theatre Awards in 2022.

15:00 - 

MATSUO Hiroko   scenic design

“YoRHa Girls Ver1.1a"


Joined the Shiki Theatre Company. Studied under TSUCHIYA Shigeaki.
After leaving the Shiki Theatre Company, she moved to England. After completing a master's degree at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she worked as an assistant designer for Antony McDonald at the Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Welsh National Opera, Grange Park Opera and Nederlandse Reiseopera. Also worked with Simon Holdsworth on a number of productions.
Since returning to Japan, She has designed operas, musicals, plays, and ballets.
44th ITO Kisaku Award Encouragement Prize
1st ITO Kisaku Memorial Award Grand Prize

16:00 - 

NAGATA Yoshiko   scenic design

"Arirang in Reminiscence", "MUI", "Point of No Return", "GAMA"


After participating in his workshop, she became an assistant to a scenic designer, Jiro Shima,and aspired to become a set designer. She received a grant for a young artist fellowship fromthe Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2009 and studied at a theatre in Germany.
Her awards include the ITO Kisaku for the Young Designer of the 37th, the Grand Prize of the39th, and the Yomiuri Theatre Award for Outstanding Staff in 2022 and 2023.

An archive by JATDT

A visual introduction to the works of the great artists who have supported Japanese thetre design.

Supervisor ITO Masako


OGATA Kikuko





YOSHIDA Kenkichi

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